Mojonier road

Mojonier Road,  travels out west, home, 2015.

We missed a turn ended up on another route. Hey I remember this place!  Blistered past the road I used to wait for the bus.  Looked back on satellite imagery.  Looks like the college place house is gone but the barn remains.  New roads neighbors changed and RR tracks removed.

Still good to have a memory returned.

More so than knowing your family Heritage knowing one’s own past is good.  Moved so many times, seems like shedding a skin and growing into a new one each place.

I want to be awesome too

Back around August of 2015 I had just returned from vacation out to western Washington and Eastern Oregon.  spent lots of time with friends and family, ate good food, made good food, wandered all over and looked at everything that caught our eye.

Scrolling through Facebook, everyone one that list is posting their awesomeness in going to Pennsic war, and new things they made, and how awesome the time they had with their friends was and photos to prove it.

Food, was eating and being mindful, with people who were not driven by food but knew how to enjoy good food.  Sure a few meals we ate to much, but that was the places that were totally unique and we do not have access to.  Like a Dim-sum place in Chinatown and a conveyor Sushi joint.  As we had things to do we ate when hungry.

Went to a weight watchers meeting, things I took away were that I am creating a new person, becoming a new me.  How will it turn out?  Is it scary?
So all these concepts get put together to mull over.

Another thing to ponder, as we wander through First People museums and the Chinese immigrant museums.  These people decorated with American flags and symbols, they were fucking proud to be involved, even though they were and still do get shit on.

Many things were seen done and thought about, all part of becoming that we must undertake each day.

So how come I feel I am less productive, less important, and less awesome than the people posting all over Facebook?

Tao Te Ching

“Better to remain unfulfilled, than carry around spilling. Sharpen weapons too much, and their sharpness cannot be long preserved. If you fill your house with gold and jade, you cannot keep it safe. If you boast about your knowledge and flaunt your possessions, you invite resentment and blame. When the work is done and it brings you honor, recede, not clinging to your achievement. This is the Tao of heaven. “


Bikes, kettle bells and oatmeal.

… at least I thought it would be.

Started to blog as a way to put things that get in my head down somewhere, as well as a place to post stuff I want to write on other places but would not be correct, or in my mind seem like bragging.

It is also easier to make updates to, stuff just seems to post up better here than trying to keep up a website – having to gather enough content to make a worthwhile page.

bleah – been trying to update my website for a while, so maybe with this I can reduce the adrift information and clean it up a little.